November 12, 2017

Bar Louie's for Martinis! #martinis

Stopped at Bar Louie's for Martinis. Rat Pack and Dirty Martini were tasty and strong! Had appetizers and then ordered the Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream to top it off! Tasty, tasty, tasty!

Gloria's Margarita and Strawberry Mojito

Dinner the other night at Gloria's. Been some time since we had dinner there. Went with the House Margarita and Strawberry Mojito. Margarita was good, looks like they may have changed back to the mix we like versus the one that had an aftertaste that detracted from it. Strawberry Mojito was sweet and tasty! White Wine Wino will likely order it again!

Guinness, Shinerbock, and Barefoot Sweet Red

The other day had a round o Guinness while meeting an old friend in Addison. Later, while chillin anf grillin, had a Shinerbock Beer. Then, capped things off with a Barefoot Winery Sweet Red.  All was good in the Universe!

Village Burger Margaritas! #margaritas

Always a good deal... Margaritas at Village Burger. Had the Chamborita and the Mangorita. Tasty and strong! Only have two else beware the "buzz" later!

Grimaldi's Pizza House Italian Red and Moscato

Had pizza at Grimaldi's. Tasty pizza and very filling. Ordered the House Italian Red and Moscato. No names on the wines but liked them; will make an effort to get them next time!

The Cellar Craft and Kitchen... #wines

Villa Pozzi Moscato at the The Cellar Craft and Kitchen while waiting for our table. Ordered the Moscato and a House Red.  All was good! House Red was Canyon Road Merlot.

October 16, 2017

Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina Margaritas!

Off to Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina for a flight of Margaritas for Happy Hour last week. Both Winos agree to comeback as these are tasty and strong... just the way they like their margaritas!

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