December 7, 2017

CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon #redwine

CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon gets a Good Rating from the Winos again this round. It's Winter and it is cold out there. But, nothing beats a glass of red on a Winter's night!

Buttery Nipple... #sheelinwhitechocolate

Buttery Nipple cocktails are perfect for any occasion this Winter! The Winos like to make them using Sheelin's White Chocolate Irish Cream and 99 Proof Butterscotch Schnapps... Happy Holidays!

November 21, 2017

Sheelin White Chocolate Irish Cream and di Amore Amaretto #cocktails

Picked up the fixings to mix a cocktail the Winos have not tried. It calls for Sheelin White Chocolate Irish Cream and di Amore Amaretto. White Wine Wino liked the cool glasses that came with the Irish Cream as well as the recipe for a ...oops. Threw the box out. Going to have to make a run back to the store and get a picture of the box with the recipe. LOL!

Tilt Mini Variable Aerator #wine

Not sure about this one yet - Host Tilt Mini Variable Aerator. Going to try more glasses of wine to "test" it out. White Wine Wino bought one on a whim. So far, have found it easy to use. And, seems to be an improvement in the taste... but to be certain Red Wine Wino must test it thoroughly with more wine.

Bolla Chianti #chianti #redwine

Having done a stint overseas in Italy while in the service, the Red Wine Wino has an affinity for Chianti. That said, while out and about, spied a big bottle of Bolla Chianti at Total Wine and More. It short order, the bottle was in the bag! Winos agreed on buying this one again the future, earning a Good Rating! Now just have to sit back and enjoy a glass or two over the Thanksgiving Holidays!

Landon Winery Raspberry Wine #fruitwine

This one continues to earn its Good Rating - Landon Winery Raspberry Wine. White Wine Wino likes it served chilled; Red Wine Wino likes it at room temperature. Regardless, Winos will bu it again in the future.

Liberty Creek Chardonnay

White Wine Wino likes this one! Red Wine Wino is still thinking about it. True to our rating system, Liberty Creek Chardonnay gets a Neutral Rating since the Winos cannot agree to purchase again.

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