April 28, 2018

More Martinis at Bar Louie's

Happy Hour Friday at Bar Louie's. No wine, just a Ratpack Martini and tasty appetizers!

April 21, 2018

Corbett Canyon Pinot Noir #redwine

Chillin' in the backyard after completing yard work... mowed and trimmed the lawn, grillin' beef fajitas and having a glass of red wine - Corbett Canyon's Pinot Noir, while watching the Corgi do nothing! My life is good as well as the tasty Pinot Noir. Don't let the screw top cap fool you. the Winos give this one a Good Rating. PS: $8 for the big bottle, too!

April 15, 2018

Arts In Bloom Festival in Historic Downtown McKinney #winetasting

Had a great time at the Arts In Bloom Festival in Historic Downtown McKinney today. Enjoyed good food, great music, lots of arts and crafts... and our favorite... wine tasting. The Winos were joined today by a guest... the Sweet Wine Wino, so the Team decided to find a tasty red wine and purchase a bottle for later enjoyment!

So many choices but luckily, a decision was made... First Kiss Sweet Red Wine from Kissing Tree Vineyards in Eddy, TX. Do give this one a try... we understood the wine if offered in Texas at HEB and Central Market Grocery Stores!

Willhoite's Garage Bar in Grapevine #dallasblondeale #bushmills #willhoites

Stopped at Willhoite's Garage Bar in Grapevine the other day to meet up for Dinner with others. Happy Hour was in full swing; decided to try the Dallas Blonde Ale, and then a little Bushmill's served neat! Was a nice way to chill for the day while waiting for the others.

April 2, 2018

Beringer Pink Moscato from Beringer Main and Vine

Beringer Pink Moscato from Beringer Main and Vine gets a Good Rating from the Winos. Sweet so the White Wine Wino liked it; Red Wine Wino liked it too! Went well with grilled shrimp and vegetables!

March 26, 2018

Don Simon Tempranillo

Picked up this bottle of red wine at Whole Foods the other day. Don Simon Tempranillo gets a Good Rating from the Winos! Plus it was only $5.99 for the bottle... tasty wine, with good alcohol content, and both Winos agree to buy again!

March 25, 2018

Rail Yard in Frisco for Margaritas and Wine! #frisco

More fun in downtown Frisco, TX... this time, checked out the Rail Yard and listened to live music and had a Margarita or two! Also, tried a tasty Malbec from Vinalba Winery. Will be back for more fun times... and again the White Wine Wino will need to sample the Malbec before we can post a rating for it. No worries, always ready for an excuse to return to a spot we liked!

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